Sell House  -  Manyar Tirtoyoso Selatan
Luas tanah 300M Luas bangunan 200M (1.5 Lt) SHM Hadap Utara, Hitung Tanah !!! - East Surabaya. Rp.
085106019660.  08155063483
Sell House  -  Medokan Ayu
Luas tanah 299M Luas bangunan 500M HGB Hadap Tmr-Sltn (Hoek) Bagus !! - South Surabaya. Rp. 2.950.000.000
03178665776.  081332278009
Sell House  -  Manggis - PCI
Luas tanah 200M Luas bangunan 150M Sertifikat SHM - Sidoarjo. Rp. 450.000.000
085106019660.  08155063483
Sell House  -  Jemursari Regency
Luas tanah 8x17M Luas bangunan 164M (2 Lt) SHM 3+1KT / 3+1KM - South Surabaya. Rp.
082216888980.  087851991919
Sell House  -  Jaya Maspion Permata
Luas tanah 120M Luas bangunan 64M SHM 3KT / 2KM / 2AC / Water Heater Renov !! - Sidoarjo. Rp. 775.000.000
03181527711.  08175222711
Rent House  -  Araya
Luas tanah 9x15M Luas bangunan 100M (1.5 Lt) Hadap Timur 2+1KT / 2KM SIAP HUNI - East Surabaya. Rp. 40.000.000
085100922338.  08123543102
Sell House  -  Kutisari Indah Barat
Luas tanah 7x18M Luas bangunan 196M SHM 7+1KM MURAH !! - South Surabaya. Rp. 675.000.000
085104700260.  0818570260
Sell/Rent Shop  -  Raya Waru
Luas tanah 173M Sertifikat Hak Milik Bangunan 2 Lantai Lokasi bagus STRATEGIS - Sidoarjo. Rp.
085105007566.  085850250500
Sell House  -  Tenggilis Mejoyo Selatan
Luas tanah 294M Luas bangunan 240M SHM Hadap Utara Renov + Siap Huni - South Surabaya. Rp. 1.750.000.000
03171027627.  08123110055
Sell House  -  Tenggilis Utara
Luas tanah 198M Luas bangunan 200M Sertifikat Hak Milik - South Surabaya. Rp. 790.000.000
085103482096.  0818333666
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Tuesday , May 26 2015

Welcome to the official website of our real estate office, Ray White Jemursari. The website provides information on sales, purchases, leases of various property types such as houses, land, shophouses, and so on. We hope that you benefit from the information. If you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact our office or contact our agents directly.

As an office which always uphold customer’s satisfaction, we, Ray White Jemursari, have always been giving the best services ever since our establishment.

Apart from having capable marketing staff who can sell or lease out your properties, we can serve your various enquiries in order to provide the best solutions for the consumers and build long-term relationships.

Every consumer is a unique individual, and thus has a different need from one to another. That is why our specialized services are hoped to be able to direct you on the correct path towards your goals.


5 Tips For Buying Property

These are my personal tips that you should consider when buying a property. By no stretch of the imagination are these wise words from an expert, although an expert may share some general consensus on a few of the tips.

  • Research is the key. Always do research. You can never do enough research. A lot of people dive into the property market head first and blind folded, and that’s when people make bad purchases. If you like a property, find out about the surrounding area; find out the local crime rate, find out how much properties in the area recently sold for. Find out EVERYTHING. There are tonnes of websites out there that will give you all these details at no cost.
  • Structural Survey. Always get a structural survey done. With the newer homes, the basic or mid-ranged survey is fine. But with older properties, definitely get the higher-level inspection. Sure this may add expenses onto your limited budget, but it could potentially save you thousands. Regardless, most Mortgage lenders will insist on a structural survey, as they won’t want to help you finance a house that’s about to fall apart.
  • Stay away from the asking price. Never offer the asking price, even if you’re in love with a particular property. Sellers/Estate Agents usually add on a few thousand pounds from the actual value of the property, because they expect offers to always be below asking price. Be risky, and make a cheeky offer- you maybe surprised.
  • The Property Market. Find out how long a property has been on the market for from your Estate Agent. If a property you’re in love with has been on the market for a long period of time, ask yourself why; be suspicious. If the property is legit, and for some odd reason it’s not selling, then make a low offer.
  • Location is just as important as the property. Finding the dream house is always great. But what about your dream location? Does it contain all your essentials, like a local groceries, schools etc. Don’t just focus on the property; focus on the bigger picture. Make sure the local area is equipped for your requirements.
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